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Four days until polling day. Exciting!

I thought I’d share a few things I’ve read over the last few days.

This take on improving meritocracy from The Economist.

This rant about gendered advertising.

The unfortunate cancellation of Pride House London on Clapham Common.

Pink News covering Michael Gove’s investigation into Catholic schools encouraging their pupils to sign anti-equal marriage petitions.

And a round up of the Mayoral election polls from UK Polling Report, and a list of the Labour figures who have reservations about Ken Livingstone from The Telegraph.

Strengthen London government

Strengthen London government … is the topic of yet another article, this time from The Economist.

Apologies for the potential scarcity of posts in the coming fortnight or so: dissertation time. Six days until the Mayoral and GLA elections.

Lords reform

The Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill published its findings today. My highlight was the bit on electoral systems. They favour an STV-style system in the style of New South Wales. I’m not a fan of proportional representation, but at least their proposed system allows voters to express a preference for candidates rather than parties if they so wish. Given that the Committee are constrained by the Coalition Agreement, which did say the new Lords would be elected proportionately, I like their reasoning.

"Another country"

Here is yet another excellent article - from The Spectator - outlining the differences between London and the rest of the UK. Its tone is more pejorative towards London than most things on this topic I have shared here, but I still feel many of its points are spot on.

Gay Tories

Here is an article from The Guardian by Evan Davis, musing about why there are so many gays in the Conservative Party.

"London is a different country"

Here is a link to another Evening Standard article, excellently addressing London separatism: "London is a different country — it needs bigger thinking".

Some nitwit (somewhat ad hominem of me, perhaps) in the comments proclaims that ‘London is English’ - a notion which is nonsensical and dying in my opinion.

Speaking of which, I nearly made a post yesterday entitled ‘London versus Scotland: round two’ - round one being a Hugo Rifkind article (viewable for those with a subscription to The Times) - in this post I would have included The Economist's front cover (below) with one of a number of amateur ripostes (also below). The latter is a little illegible, unfortunately, but upon further inspection I realise that it is not in fact having a go at London, but rather taking note of the fact that London will (or perhaps has) come to the resentful realisation that it subsidises the rest of England.

Prof Tony Travers discussing the Mayoral election

Courtesy of the LSE Government Department’s HotSeat series, here is a video of Professor Tony Travers discussing the 2012 London Mayoral election.

With 100 days to go until the London 2012 Olympic Games I thought I’d post these - the London 2012 Olympics’ pictograms.

London through the lens and the eyes of an avid 21-year-old - imitating one of his favourite photographers … :::click-click:::


London through the lens and the eyes of an avid 21-year-old - imitating one of his favourite photographers … :::click-click:::

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Tower Bridge London 2010 by nicolemissing.


Tower Bridge London 2010 by nicolemissing.